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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peter Schiff and The Senate Race

Peter Schiff may be running for Senate
Peter Schiff seems to be serious about running for senate ..after that yesterday Peter Schiff told Jon Stewart on the Daily Show that "I am considering running for Senate in my home state of Connecticut," , today Reuters came with an article mentioning that Peter Schiff was not available for comments on Wednesday but that his brother Andrew told Reuters that Schiff was traveling to Washington to meet with Senator John Cornyn, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. this another in a serie of signs that may lead to think that Peter Schiff is seriously considering to take the big jump into the political world , we all remember that during his speech at the Connecticut Libertarian Party convention this last 30 May 2009 Peter Schiff told supporters and potential voters that "The Only way to defeat the Republican Party is to do it from within "
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  1. Yep, he actually announced this last week in his radio show - I wrote an article about it on my site you can read. But I wonder, doesn't it contradict his longstanding ideas about politics not interfering in economics? Seems that's ultimately what would be happening even if he were in Senate.

  2. actually if you mean by radio show Wall street Unspun , last week it was not him broadcasting it but his brother Andrew cause Peter was in Abu Dhabi , I have not have the time to listen yet to today's WSU so I do not know what it was announced there ..Peter Sciff is a libertarian calling for less government and government interferences , the fact that he considers running for senate does not mean he changed his mind , he will probably try to change things from within which could turn to be easier to do

  3. I'm a bit skeptical of anyone who puts too much emphasis on who is in power. I'm left with the impression that some people's expectations of Mr. Schiff might be too high. Think about. Some of us do well despite who are public officials are. Peter is an example. His company is doing great. Government, if kept to a minimum, can be helpful but it's not a substitute for personal responsability.

  4. I totally agree with you maria , especially if you look at the options that Peter has on the table right now , a) keeping on telling main stream media the same things over and over again admitting that MSM will always keep on giving hi a voice , which is not becoming so evident especially in the last months or b) try a risky venture in politics is up to him to decide the future of his career , we as fans and supporters we will continue to support him in either cases

  5. AnonymousJune 11, 2009

    Schiff in DC to Assembly Campaign Team...

  6. AnonymousJune 11, 2009

    Politics are a dirty game ...Peter Schiff better stay out of it

  7. I might be wrong but I think there are other elected officials who share some, if not most, of Peter's views on the economy. It just happens they aren't able or, perhaps, willing to make the changes the country needs. Why are we to think Peter will be able?
    Winning is unlikely and, in my view, not desirable. Still, running will be good for two reasons.
    He will not be seen as "unpatriotic", and he will get the exposure he desires to advance his business.



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