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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Judge Napolitano's Verdict on Obama's Financial Overhaul Plan

Judge Napolitano's Verdict on Obama's Financial Overhaul Plan

Judge Andrew Napolitano says Obama's financial overhaul plan, which gives the Federal Reserve even MORE unconstitutional authority, is madness. and that's his verdict ...and he asks who will regulate the Federal Reserve and what is the meaning of free in free market ? This private super secret bank , half of its board is appointed by the president ,is the most secret aspect in all of the government , think about it said judge Napolitano of Freedom Watch .the Job of the CIA is to steal and keep secrets but we know more about the CIA than we know about the FED continued Napolitano the FED is a private completely unregulated bank , and under the OBAMA proposal the FED will be able to regulate everything in your life including the amount of fat in the cheeseburger ...

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