Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The $134.5 Billion Bond Seizure in Italy

The mysterious $134.5 Billion Bond Seizure found by the Italian finance police " La Guardia Di Finanza " at the Swiss Italian Border of Chiasso on two apparently Japanese Citizens raises multiple questions on whether those bonds are real or fake , both are two scary scenarios , if the bonds are real this means some foreign government is trying to dump the US treasury bonds before the hyperinflation hits ?!?!?! that's a plausible scenario , the other scenario is that some foreign government with the capacity and the technology of printing money is now into the business of printing "counterfeit US treasury bonds" and is ready to flood the market with fake US bonds ? could it be Iran North Korea the Russian Mob or the Italian Mafia , who knows ? we all remember that in the 80s , Iran have purchased a US dollar printing machine and have flooded the market with fake US dollar bills , the printing fraud was located in southern Lebanon and was controlled by Iranians ...this is a huge amount of MONEY that is 1% of US GDP , this could destabilize the markets ...the funny coincidence about this is that the arrest of these two Japanese citizens came just a couple of days after the Japanese Finance ministers publicly declared his total and full faith in the strength of the DOLLAR ...!!! all this leave us with too many question marks , only time will answer them ...


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