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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It takes 41 000 years to count a Trillion Dollars

John Browne from Europacific capital and also a member of the British Parlement May 11 on Fox Business : The 7 trillions deficit is equals to Germany's GDP we will end up with Hyper Stagflation , counting one dollar at a second it will take 41 000 years to count one Trillion dollars !!!


  1. Rex LonsoMay 14, 2009

    I own and operate a small manufacturing business which I started 28 years ago. Since last November, I have had to lay off 9 of my 12 employees. Some of them were with the company more than 20 years. We have been on a 4 day work week since January 1, 2009. I get calls regularly from my customers telling me that they are on a reduced work week, running 3 out of 4 weeks and some have closed for good. Ten years ago, I moved away from selling to the car compenies after being stiffed for $85,000.00. Their best trick is to bankrupt their vendors. Some of my customers are divisions of foriegn companies. They tell me that things are worse in Germany, Sweeden, France, Japan and England. To add insult to injury, I am still waiting for my stimulus or bail-out money. I have paid my business and personal taxes to the last dime. I am a Vietnam veteran, the son of imigrants, and believe in personal freedoms and free market capitalism. Come on people, this is our country and I love it. So, let's take it back from the tax and spend politicians.

  2. abouthaditMay 14, 2009

    Say when, Rex.

    DaNang '69-=70

  3. The only thing that'll fix this is a revolution by the people. Americans need to take back their country the one we fought for. We cannot allow things to continue the way they are going.

  4. UK is having a bigger financial crisis. I guess no one will expect the collapse of Fed. I believe in this coming decade, we might see that happen...Fed losing power.



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